Address: 41 Salisbury Rd, Hong Kong

Salisbury Hotel Hong Kong

The Salisbury hotel is affordable and gives you great value for your money. You can reserve your room for your stay online and the hotel accepts credit cards. Alternatively, you can inquire about accommodation as well as do your booking via telephone and fax with the numbers available via the official company website.

The following are the summary of activities you can be able to carry out when you stay with Salisbury:

You can shop until you drop from the nearby shopping districts that are open throughout the day and even at night.
The hotel has facilities for holding business and religious conferences if you have come as a party.
If you are staying in the hotel for a day or two, you can relax in the garden or take advantage of the gym facilities to keep fit.

Take advantage of the arranged tours around Hong Kong to view the sights and sounds of the place. This includes visiting famous art galleries, museums, the harbor and many other interesting sites. Alternatively, you can also get heed of the chapel to have a silent time with God. You can also get a taste of the Asian and Continental cuisine in the hotel’s restaurants. You can take a tour to the harbor and view the sights and sounds of the place. Take a boat ride to cap of your day.

Other Advantages you stay at the Salisbury Hong Kong Hotel:

With the YMCA Salisbury, you will access most tourist sites by foot or taxi in a short time. You do not have to get stuck in the traffic for hours on end. This hotel is a prime location you need to get to know.
The hotel has made sure that it is capable of catering to the disabled. There are rooms that have been made to accommodate the disabilities of their customers. There are also elevators that will ease the movement of the disabled.

  • The hotel has both the smoking and non-smoking rooms to suit either type of hotel client. There are hotels in Hong Kong that will not make these distinctions thus aggravating either one of the groups of people who are affected by smoking.
  • When you are in Salisbury, your fitness regime does not have to go to the dogs since there is a fully equipped gymnasium with qualified trainers to help you keep up your fitness levels.
  • The swimming pool is also accessible and readily available for your use.
  • You can get a view of the picturesque harbor since the hotel is located in a premium piece of land that will also give you the whole view of the Island.

The prices that you pay when you want to book accommodation in the Salisbury are flexible and affordable. You always get the option of paying or not paying for your breakfast. This means that unlike other hotels within the region, you do not have to pay for services you may not use. Your spiritual needs will not be forgotten. The hotel has a chapel open for the guests every day. When you stay with Salisbury Hotel Hong Kong, you will receive great service with a smile without breaking bank. The great positive reviews found in many travel blogs and websites tell you the same. You will always find the finest home every time you stay in Hong Kong.